The commercial use license is non-transferable, and is granted solely to the legal entity that purchased the license. The following terms apply to all such holders of a commercial use license for a Surface Imperfections product:

You can:

  • Use the assets in commercial 3D or 2D computer graphics projects, such as movies, animations, computer games, and virtual reality experiences.
  • Use the assets in graphic designs, such as for printed media and website designs.
  • Allow third parties to handle files containing the textures solely for distribution, publishing, or marketing, excluding direct production activities.
  • Allow affiliated entities (subsidiaries, parent companies, sibling companies) to access and use the assets for joint projects, which are defined as collaborative efforts where multiple entities contribute to a single commercial title. Such affiliated entities must obtain a separate license for any independent use outside these joint projects.

You cannot:

  • Resell or redistribute the assets (modified or unmodified) as a competing product. For example, as textures, bundled with material presets, shaders, or as brushes for digital painting or sculpting software.
    • Bundling textures with a 3D model is generally permitted, but prior written consent is strictly required. Please contact to obtain permission.
  • Use the assets in software or games released under any Open Source license where the assets themselves become openly accessible or modifiable, or distribute projects to end users in a way that makes the asset files readily accessible.
  • Transfer this license wholesale to a third party, including affiliated entities.